SNAPto Quarterly - May 2020
Saturday, April 25, 2020

Hi yall! Welcome to the first quarterly update of SNAPto!

SNAPto State -- Puzzles: 45/100, Areas: 7/12, Dialogue: 0/40


Firstly, as always, the main devlog for SNAPto will be most at home on Twitter. Previously I could only post about once a week, but now that I’ve settled on the mechanics of the game, I’ll have more time to write things like this.

So, first new thing: Quarterly reports on the state of the game. These will be a more concrete way of updating what state the game is in and how long until the game is finished playable. Usually, it will just be ‘Percentage X of area complete’ and some news.

Second new thing: Alpha Demo! Pretty soon, you’ll see a playable alpha version of SNAPto on This will allow you to play snippets of the game and get a feel for what sort of adventure is in store. It has about 10 puzzles to get you started and lets you explore 4 areas in the game.

Third: Landing page. I’ve given the website a little overhaul with some much crisper images and a placeholder for: Four: A trailer. A teaser trailer for the game is ready to be released. It is only a teaser so it doesn’t show too much of the mechanics of the game. If it doesn’t do too well, I’d like to work on a more spoilery trailer that gets to the heart of what makes SNAPto interesting to play.

Cool, see you soon.

SNAPto - A Sokoban Style Puzzle Game
Friday, March 29, 2019

SNAPto is a sokoban-style puzzle game about snapping together blocks, to make new shapes to aid in the player's adventure. The game hands the player deceptively simple problems with surprisingly complex solutions. Each puzzle is designed to teach the player elements of the games' mechanics, which build upon eachother, allowing an ever expanding complexity of increasing challenge.

A Demo is avialable on the SNAPto tab. Small updates to the game can also be tracked here or on Bonpsi's Twitter feed @Bonpsigames.

Bonpsi is Making Games
Sunday, February 10, 2019

Welcome to the development blog for the studio Bonpsi (Bon–sigh or Bomp-sy). This solo studio is focused on building exploration-based puzzle games whose mechanics are tied to the narrative of their world. Bonpsi loves making games that allow the player to explore at their own pace, while solving complex puzzles that are mentally challenging, but not tedious or unfair. Bonpsi also designs with accessability options; to brings games to players whose disabilities would otherwise make gaming difficult.

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