Unoxi - September 2023
Friday, September 22, 2023


It’s been a while- wait, what’s that? A video game!?

Unoxi is a sokoban-style open-world, difficult puzzle game, filled with secrets. It’s currently in development, but I now have some store pages to show you on Itchio and Steam, both of which have a nice trailer (With very mild spoilers). If you’re interested in following development, I have most of the socials. However, I won’t post often, simply because posting on social media takes a lot of work and I’d rather spend that time doing game development. Making things like this requires long periods of silence.

When will the game be out?
This is a fake question. I don’t know how long it will take to finish and some of the issues that require resolving are problems that just need time to simmer and develop. I think, at the current pace I’m working, this game deserves another year of development at least. There is a very good game here, but there‘s a still a lot to do.

Unity, what do?
I’m going to keep using Unity until the software becomes untenable. Obviously, Unity’s new susggested policy of pay per install is impossible and I don’t think they’ll keep it, but I don’t want to change the engine until I have no other choice as that will take, at best, several months. I think it’s an important point to remember that every company that isn’t making open source software is going to implement structures like these eventually. The end goal of the Epic Games Store and to a lesser extent, Unreal, is to become the dominant and only source for PC gaming and this is not the future I want. Steam takes an undeservedly large cut of game profits. Everyone is, or wants to become, a landlord. These problems are routed in capitalism and until capitalism is replaced with something else, Unity’s business decisions are just another result of a broken system.

See you soon.

SNAPtwo – September 2021
Thursday, September 23, 2021

Hi yall!

I recently release a demo for the game Path.OS on the store. It’s a witness like game about placing tiles and, personally, I’m not a huge fan of it. So I’ve decided to pause production on Path.OS and will revisit it in a couple of months to see if the mechanics can be reworked.

As for now, I’m currently working on a Steam version of SNAPto (It’s not called SNAPtwo, I just don’t know what to call it yet). I think the first version was received relatively well, so I think a revamped version is a good idea. One major change is I will be slightly remixing the mechanics of the game (Ooo…), just so people who played the first one can still experience a new game without solving repeated puzzles. Currently this Steam version has about 40 rough puzzle designs, so progress is going well.

If you’re interested in watching the development, I mainly post on my Twitter @BonpsiGames, but I will try to keep a devlog of SNAPto on the page with updates on the game’s progress. I definitely fall into the camp of spending far more time working on gamedev than telling people about it.

Cool, see you soon.

Bonpsi Quarterly – May 2021
Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Hi yall!

I found a new job! I’ve already started work by the time this post goes up, which is great news. There’s not much to say this month, I’ve made a great amount of progress with the currently titled game Spontooneous, but most of this is code related and not very visual. The basic principle of the game is it is Witness-like and its currently in prototyping. I’m focusing on creating icons and additional gameplay elements that will lead to the most expansive puzzles. That is to say, for the mechanics that I’m working with, I have lots of ideas for icons, but only some of those icons create interesting puzzles and only a small fraction of those are expansive enough to create -many- interesting puzzles. Currently I only have 1 icon and 1 additional gameplay element that fits this premise (But they’re doozys, oh boy). You’ll see, or will have already seen, some visuals for the game on twitter over the coming weeks.

For now, until I’m settled, I’ll also keep social media posts to a week-and-a-halfly schedule. It’s much easier for me to manage. Additionally, I’ve unpublished the Patreon page (Hey, you miss 100% of the shots- ok) and removed the Facebook and reddit pages because I wasn’t really using them. I think I’ll just mostly work through Twitter as a SM platform for now because I don’t have the time to scale to other platforms and I don’t really have enough to show at the moment.

Cool, see you soon.

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