Bonpsi Quarterly – May 2021
Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Hi yall!

I found a new job! I’ve already started work by the time this post goes up, which is great news. There’s not much to say this month, I’ve made a great amount of progress with the currently titled game Spontooneous, but most of this is code related and not very visual. The basic principle of the game is it is Witness-like and its currently in prototyping. I’m focusing on creating icons and additional gameplay elements that will lead to the most expansive puzzles. That is to say, for the mechanics that I’m working with, I have lots of ideas for icons, but only some of those icons create interesting puzzles and only a small fraction of those are expansive enough to create -many- interesting puzzles. Currently I only have 1 icon and 1 additional gameplay element that fits this premise (But they’re doozys, oh boy). You’ll see, or will have already seen, some visuals for the game on twitter over the coming weeks.

For now, until I’m settled, I’ll also keep social media posts to a week-and-a-halfly schedule. It’s much easier for me to manage. Additionally, I’ve unpublished the Patreon page (Hey, you miss 100% of the shots- ok) and removed the Facebook and reddit pages because I wasn’t really using them. I think I’ll just mostly work through Twitter as a SM platform for now because I don’t have the time to scale to other platforms and I don’t really have enough to show at the moment.

Cool, see you soon.