Bonpsi Quarterly – November 2020
Friday, October 30, 2020

SNAPto is now available to play on! I have to immediately say, I write these blog posts a few weeks in advance and, ever since I put the game on sale (See JC Penny Effect) the number of downloads has skyrocketed. This is beyond anything I was expecting – I imagined 5 people downloading the game in total: currently the game has been downloaded 350 times, and has an actual revenue due to some people opting to donate money. I did not expect this response from and it gives me great confidence to start working on something bigger – And I thank everyone for that.

Since SNAPto came out around August, I’ve had a good holiday, spent a month learning some new Unity tools and have begun work on the next game I’d like to release, currently titled GORAC. As before, the new game is a puzzle exploration game about learning the rules and lore of its world. This time, it’s set on the coast; in a place where everything passes through.

The first stage of game creation is always the least pretty to look at, so expect slow progress for the first few months of prototyping. I’ll also be working on a level editor, which will make building the puzzles a lot faster in the next stages.

Also, just after the release of SNAPto I participated in the ExtraCredits indie game jam 2020. It’s theme was ‘Take Care’ and I submitted a short game about self-care called The Perfect Circle. Also-also, if you’re itching to play more puzzle games and you like games like mine, then here are some very under-the-radar games that you’d also likely enjoy: Nawticrawl, Push Pipe Paradise, Snakebird Primer, Contrast and Gorogoa.

As always, if you’d like your name in the credits of Bonpsi’s games, feel free to donate on Patreon.

Cool, see you soon.