Bonpsi Quarterly – February 2021
Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Hi yall!

I recently (November) lost my day job due to covid related funding losses. While I look for a new one, I’ll be posting a lot less often (I usually queue up a lot of posts months in advance so, there’s still a couple of things to show off before I run out). Though I have told myself not to, I know I’m going to continue working on games in the background, it’s something that brings me joy, but I will be posting progress a lot less.

As of November I actually stopped working on Gorac. Gorac is currently in a playable state, but it needs menus, sounds, polish and a few more puzzles before I can release a beta and I’m not currently in the mood to work on those tedious aspects (Considering the world state). I’ve also been finding it difficult to create challenging Gorac puzzles without causing over complication of the puzzle board. I may rush out a beta when I find a new job just to see what the feedback is like.

Over November and December I got to grips with Dialogue System for Unity and worked on a top-down shooter inspired by Asteroids. This game revolved around using different forms of ship movement to solve puzzles; it also revolved around shooting and collect dialogue options to be used sparingly in character conversation. I will be posting some of the results of that work over the coming weeks.

Then, whilst working on the shooting game, I had an idea for something else; something that I’m quite excited about. The current project title is Spontooneous and, as before, it’s in its prototyping phase. I cannot divulge any information about the puzzles yet, but I can say it inherits a lot of its base code from Gorac.

As always, if you’d like your name in the credits of Bonpsi’s games, feel free to donate on Patreon.

Cool, see you soon.