As a valued and certainly additional member of the expert archeological excavation team, you've landed on the ruins of the Mezokorane. Your task: explore (And don't break anything).

Sokoban with a Twist
Unoxi is a sokobon-style open-world puzzle game, centered around a unique spinning mechanic, with a focus on exploration and learning. The world presents a series of deceptively simple puzzles with gradually increasing difficulty. Puzzles build upon the player's understanding of the game's mechanics, while also inviting the Player to explore the furthest reaches of a decayed metropolis.

Along with this, the player will collect documents, dialogues, descriptions and decor that give a sense of the world that was before. The player will reawaken ancient knowledge to solve, activate, poke and nudge strange tools to reach the cusp of this mysterious city.

The game is currently in production and is planned for release on and Steam. Unoxi originally started life as SNAPto, a game that uses similar mechanics, albeit through a much shorter experience. Unoxi (And SNAPto) were heavily inspired by the Stephen Lavelle game: Stephen's Sausage Roll.

About the Developer
Hi, I'm Luke. I'm a physicist, programming and moonlighting game developer, current working in Cambridge, UK. I love designing covertly simple, but challenging puzzle games, as well as building worlds for player's to explore and understand. My games attempt to blend mechanics and narrative to induce (in the player) emersive and surprising moments of insight.

- An intrguing open-world filled with secrets and mysteries
- Spin-based sokoban mechanics with a wide range of complexity
- Strange tools to understand and operate
- A slow-burning and compelling narrative