SNAPto Quarterly - May 2020
Saturday, April 25, 2020

Hi yall! Welcome to the first quarterly update of SNAPto!

SNAPto State -- Puzzles: 45/100, Areas: 7/12, Dialogue: 0/40


Firstly, as always, the main devlog for SNAPto will be most at home on Twitter. Previously I could only post about once a week, but now that I’ve settled on the mechanics of the game, I’ll have more time to write things like this.

So, first new thing: Quarterly reports on the state of the game. These will be a more concrete way of updating what state the game is in and how long until the game is finished playable. Usually, it will just be ‘Percentage X of area complete’ and some news.

Second new thing: Alpha Demo! Pretty soon, you’ll see a playable alpha version of SNAPto on This will allow you to play snippets of the game and get a feel for what sort of adventure is in store. It has about 10 puzzles to get you started and lets you explore 4 areas in the game.

Third: Landing page. I’ve given the website a little overhaul with some much crisper images and a placeholder for: Four: A trailer. A teaser trailer for the game is ready to be released. It is only a teaser so it doesn’t show too much of the mechanics of the game. If it doesn’t do too well, I’d like to work on a more spoilery trailer that gets to the heart of what makes SNAPto interesting to play.

Cool, see you soon.